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Ion Beauty Device D3
Part Number: D3
Release Date: 15/12/2019
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Cleansing Rejuvenation Ion Beauty Device
A facial beauty device with galvanic ion,heating and high frequency technology,
can realize the function of deep cleansing,better nutrition and warm moist.

Product mode efficacy description:
Clean and bright skin mode: positive ion + high frequency
shock wave +45 degree centigrade constant temperature.
Efficiency: Clean the garbage in the depths of pores, shrink pores, lighten
spots, improve the dullness of the skin, effectively clean the dirt in pores
and make the skin clean and shiny.

Nutrient introduction mode: negative ion introduction +
high frequency shock +45 degrees centigrade constant
Efficacy: Fully introduce skin care products, enhance cell activity, achieve
the effect of whitening and rejuvenating skin, change wrinkles, effectively
stimulate and relax the skin, help skin care products to deeply moisten the skin

Moisturizing mode: strong anion +45 degrees centigrade
constant temperature.
Efficacy: Warm massage promotes blood circulation, improves skin
compactness and elasticity, keeps skin in the best condition for a long time,
and restores skin luster and vitality.

Name: Cleansing Rejuvenation Ion Beauty Device
Model: D3
Voltage:5V 1A
Charge time:Around 2 hours
Battery capacity:3.7V/500mAh
Size of massage head:43mm



1. First export clean and then use facial cleanser. Deep cleanse the dirt from the
pores to the surface of the skin, then wash the surface dirt with the cleansing milk.
2. set 5 minutes for each mode.
3. After 10 minutes, the device will be in standby mode.
4.If the fingers are not touched with sensor, it will not vibrate.


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