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Massage Gun 001
Part Number: 001
Release Date: 10/12/2019
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muscle massage gun comes with all the hardware you’ll need: 2400mAh, 1400-3200r/min, Suitable for families and professionals percussion massager gun with a portable case and 6 adjustable speed levels (Model 1) & 4 replaceable massage heads. Revon massager is equipped with 4 different shaped massage heads to help the user to relax different body parts, Standard Ball (small muscle groups), Large Ball (large muscle groups), Flat head(any parts of the body)

This muscle massage gun with powerful vibration stimulation can help users release muscular stiffness and soreness,promote blood circulation and improve the overall health condition of the body’s soft tissues. For athletes or those who love going to the gym, the massage gun for athletes can quickly eliminate the lactic acid produced after the exercise and greatly shorten the muscle recovery time.


1. Powerful Brushless High-Torque Motor With Quiet Glide Technology
2. Removable Battery Release
3. Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery  (2+ Hrs of Use Per Charge)
4. Multi-Speed Settings for Optimal Pressure
5. Cordless and Lightweight (2.5Lbs) Includes AC wall adaptor.
6. On/off Power Switch 
7. 4 replaceable massage heads 

Vibration Speed:

Model 1:
Level 1 : 20Hz,         Level2: 26.7Hz,   Level3:  33.3Hz
Level 4: 40Hz,          Level5: 46.7Hz,   Level6: 53.3 Hz

Speed Level 1-2 : Muscle wake
Speed Level 3-4:  Decompose Lactic Acid
Speed Level 5-6 : Deep Tissue Massage

Power Adaptor:
Input Voltage: 110-240V, 50/60Hz
Output Voltage: 26VDC  5A

Lithium Battery :

Input Voltage: 24VDC 1A
Capacity: 2400mAh

Massage Gun:
Rotational Speed: 1800-3200 r/m
Voltage: 24V
Power: 20W


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